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Thanksgiving Craft for Kids - Pilgrims

This pilgrim couple was made using wooden doll bodies and scrap pieces of felt, lace and ric-rac. These are fun for kids to craft on one November day before Thanksgiving arrives and are really cute decorations for the occasion.

Ages 9 and up




Thanksgiving Pilgrim Craft

For this project you will need the following materials:

unfinished wood doll body (about 7 cm high or 2.75 inches

snowman hat

black acrlyic paint and paint brush

brown yarn

scrap pieces of white felt

scrap piece of white lace


craft glue or hot glue



1. First paint the body section black on both figures and let the paint dry before continuing.

2. Cut a 3 inch square out of felt. Cut a slit into the square from the middle outside edge to the center. Then cut the center open a bit to resemble the picture below. This needs to be done so that the piece will fit around the figure’s neck.
Pilgrim Collar Piece

3. For the man, glue the collar piece on with the opening in the front. Then glue short pieces of yarn to the head. Next glue a white strip of felt around the hat. Then glue the hat to the head. Glue a piece of ric-rac around the neck and dot the eyes with black paint.

4. For the woman, make a collar piece like the one for the man. Glue it on with the opening in the back. Glue longer pieces of yarn on her head. Then cut a piece of lace and place it over the hair like a bonnet. Use ric-rac and tie a piece around the woman’s neck. This will hold the lace in place and looks decorative with the ends hanging in the front. Dot 2 eyes on the woman with black paint.

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