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Autumn Candle Wraps for the Thanksgiving Day Table

All you need for this project is a candle in the color of the season and scrapbook or card making left overs. Within a matter of minutes you can have several of these candles made to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

Autumn Candle Wrap



For this project you will need the following materials:

Orange candle

Tan colored corrugated cardboard

Scrapbook paper in the color of the season

Natural raffia

Thin wire

Orange acrylic beads

Sizzix Sidekick

Sizzix leaf Sizzlet



1. Measure the height of the candle and cut a piece of corrugated cardstock that is half that height and enough in the width to totally wrap around the candle with overlap. Wrap this around the candle and glue the inside of the overlapping end.
2. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper that is 2 cm or about 3/4 inch less in height and the same width as the corrugated cardstock. Glue this centered over the corrugated cardstock.
3. Cut 4 long pieces of raffia and tie around the candle. Cut to a length you prefer. If you like, pull the raffia ends to create many more ends.
4. Secure the faceted acrylic beads onto a piece of wire long enough to wrap the candle. Secure the two ends of the wire to the raffia on the back side.
5. Die cut a leaf and punch a small hole in the top of it. Tie a raffia end to the leaf to secure it to the candle.



Autumn Candle Wrap 2
Close-up of the candle




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