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Kids love to craft and just sometimes need the encouragement and supplies to make something. Here you will find plenty of ideas for the month of November. Whether it be turkeys, pilgrims or harvest projects, here fun and creative reasons to stay indoors on those chilly days.

More crafts and projects will be added on a regular basis.



Thanksgiving Pilgrims
This pilgrim couple was made using wooden doll bodies and scrap pieces of felt, lace and ric-rac. These are fun for kids to craft on one November day before Thanksgiving arrives and are really cute decorations for the occasion.

Pilgrim Couple Paper Piecing Project
After reading the story of the first Thanksgiving to your kids, you can then sit together and enjoy making this paper Pilgrim couple.

Felt and Pinecone Turkeys
You do not need a lot of materials to make these and they are just too cute to make with the kids as decorations for Thanksgiving..

Turkey Leaf Lanterns
This is a fun activity for kids using real leaves that can be found in abundance outside during the fall season.

Cardboard Tube Pilgrims and Indian
Kids can make these cute Thanksgiving characters as holiday decorations and at the same time help to recycle empty paper towel rolls.

Dressed Turkey Coloring Page
This pair of turkeys are dressed up for the occasion and are a cute coloring activity for the kids.

Scrap Ribbon Pinecone Turkeys
Kids will have fun making these little cuties to decorate the Thanksgiving table with.

Turkey Glove Hand Puppet
This is such a cute craft for kids and requires a minimal of materials to make it.

Pilgrim Treat Boxes
Aren’t these so cute and a fun activity to do with the kids as well.



Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Decoration
This is a cute and easy Thanksgiving craft project for kids and requires a minimal amount of materials.

Thanksgiving Bingo
There is nothing more fun than playing games when everyone is together.

Turkey Paper Bag Craft
Little hands can first make and then play with this cute turkey project.

Thanksgiving Word Search Printable for Kids
Keep the kids busy for a while with this fun word search activity. Find the full size printable on
The Typical Mom blog.

Indian Corn Pin
With beads and paper and other basic craft supplies, kids can create this lapel pin to dress up with on Thanksgiving.




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